A Topical Research on Authorship of Revelation

he Book of Revelation is the last Book of the New Testament and the individualone which is an Apocalypse. It is one of the most difficult to understand books because of its prophetical nature, inexplicable and unfamiliar extravagant symbolism. This book contains some Old Testament prophecy and related with another symbolism of futuristic idea and explanation of unseen things, combining of visions from thebooks of Ezekiel and Daniel, whichcontributes anextra attention to this book. How to interpret these symbols, numbers, or descriptions that are taken from Ezekiel and from Daniel is Hermeneutical and Homiletically challenge; but the basic question raises that who wrote this extravagant book? Its author, acknowledged as “John” in the title and called ‘the theologian’ or ‘the divine.’ Traditionally, authorshipwas associatedwith the Apostle John, but some have different ideas, questions and challenges on this authorship. This paper will focus on to present the authorship debate of the Book of Revelation.HistoricaldebateThe debate of Authorship’s source started,because, the author of the Book of Revelation calls himself John in 1:1, 4, 9; 22:8 but he never claims to be John the Apostle. When John wrote the Gospel he clearly identified himself as the John who is beloved to the Lord and every early sources and other Gospels prove us that John is the Apostle but in Revelation he just stated that he is a John. Traditionally the Book of Revelation’s authorship is associated with Apostle John, the title of John the Apostle with Revelation occurs in several MSS1including the Codex Sinaiticus,2and John was called 1MS means Manuscript where as MSS means Manuscripts. It is not just a plural but it informs number of pages and versions or books that contained within the script or text.

4‘the theologian’3in later MSS of the title, was traditionally held to be John the Apostle.4Beale notes5that there are three possibilities for the meaning of book’s identification with John:1.The book had one author, who is John2.The book had multiple authors, one ofwhom is John3.The book was composed by the Johannine community and is thus pseudepigraphical6Justin Martyr in his book,7Tertullian of Carthage in his writings,8and Hippolytus of Rome9mentioned and identified ‘John’ as the son of Zebedee. Dionysius of Alexandria suggested that the author was the elder John, whichis mentioned by Eusebius.10Another suggestions are from Cerinthus,11and Gaius.

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